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Earn online with affiliate marketing strategy [2020]

इस आर्टिकल को अपनी भाषा में पढने के लिए, दिए आप्शन से अपनी भाषा चुनें !

Affiliate marketing is a boom in YouTube & Blogging world! More than 100s of videos and articles are available about affiliate marketing & they claim it is a really easy to way to earn online with a low investment. Yes! we agree to them and we are going to cover our way of earning from affiliate marketing strategy.

What is an affiliate program?

Big companies have investments to dump on online and offline marketing but, the freelancers, small business managers & even programmers do not invest a lot in their online marketing. 90% of the online websites and apps are getting advertised with a referral program called affiliate marketing. This affiliate program is very easy business trick to generate huge sales.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is a similar concept to earning commission from local vendors by providing them leads. It's only difference is internet. You can join a affiliate program by filling up a registration form providing their payment details, name, contact, email & address. Once you are verified and registered on their website, the website dynamically generates a unique user id for you that is used in their ads in a hidden manner. Through this unique id they track that the customer has visited their website from your affiliate link & once the customer buys their product or subscription from your affiliate link, ultimately you get a commission as reward into your bank account.

How to join & earn with affiliate program?

The simple answer is visit the affiliate providers website & register via their joining form. Once you are verified they will email you with a welcome message. After that you will need to login into given dashboard & select some product that you want to affiliate. Do select only those products which you can market & has a best probability to sell. After that they will provide you a affiliate link and many of the provide pre-designed widget codes too. Now you will need your customer to click on the link and get the product sold to earn a commission.

The widgets will look like this in your blog or video descriptions:

So as soon as you visit amazon's website from this link & purchase something, I will get a comission. This will not cost you anything extra but, buy me a coffee!

How to promote an affiliate link to targeted audience?

  • Build a Blog
    • Write articles related to product comparisons & benefits
    • Add links and widgets of your affiliate products in articles
    • Drive traffic to your blog by promoting in social network
  • Build a YouTube Channel
    • Make videos about product reviews, troubleshooting & uses
    • Add affiliate links in annotations & widgets in descriptions
    • Drive traffic to your channel by promoting from social media

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Watch Below Video in Hindi | Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

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