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Top 5 lead generation tips for business websites

इस आर्टिकल को अपनी भाषा में पढने के लिए, दिए आप्शन से अपनी भाषा चुनें !

Hello dear readers! Do you want to grow your business online with a full proof lead generation system where you can target visitors, send them newsletters & pop ads on social media to convert them into your loyal customers? So, you are at the right article. Let's dive into the best tips online for a business website to generate online leads.


Get a blog!

Blog is more of a like news portal website where you can post regular updates related to your business. But, as we need inbound leads from our blog, we will need to post awesome content that benefits the visitors & help them solve regular problems related to your business products, services & you can even post a comparison article like best alternative for competitor products. This will not only engage visitors on your website but also market your products in a detailed manner.


Get their details with a simple contact form!

As you can decide the active & interested visitors that are seriously reading your articles based on the time duration they are stuck with the article. Just popup an enquiry form asking them if they want to subscribe your newsletter or want to contact your expert regarding prices. Best way is to get their Name, Contact & Email along with a message.


Integrate a order event!

Always have a page event like a box in the sidebar or a product carousal after the articles. So that, after reading these articles user can directly visit the product page for getting more details about it & can directly order it.


Integrate a Live Chat!

Live chat is one of the best way to p[itch your visitors during their website visit, this not only lets you communicate with live visitors but also provide you information about the user behavior on the website. Ask visitors to drop their email & name to activate their live chat system. This way you can track if they are a returning visitor or the new one.


Provide a free demo or software trials!

Keep a Call to Action section on your website asking them to book a free demo or free trial of your product. Drop them to a new landing page on button click which shows them benefits of free trial & even ask them to register on website for having it.


Build a forum to support your customers community!

Forum is a question answer webpage where someone posts its issues, questions & other people answer to it for the betterment of product applications in case customer support is delayed or service subscription is expired. This help your customers to link with other customers & generates an automated community for your company.

These are the best practices one must have in their website for generating online leads for free. Blog adds a very important path to convert your visitors into customers & let them stick on your website.

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