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Steps to get your Business Online

इस आर्टिकल को अपनी भाषा में पढने के लिए, दिए आप्शन से अपनी भाषा चुनें !

This 2020, people are focusing towards doing a safe business along with rules provided by govt. like Social Distancing & regular sanitizing at your workplace. As per rules, we cannot have a gathering & crowd at any public place. These rules are necessary to be safe & prevent corona spread but this has also slowed the pace of our Business.

Due to fear or safety purposes, people are trying to not walk into the market, parks, temples & also the print advertisements are not getting any benefits in this year. Majorly Business that has got affected by this system is Travel agencies. Obviously no one’s going to travel by any mode to anywhere for tourism.

So 2020 is the right time to improve our modes of business along with the opportunity to get online. Now the question arises, how?

Simply, the way is to get started by consulting with an experienced team of business consultants! Well, we are here to help you – Click here to contact our business consultants via Whatsapp.

Below are the tested steps to represent your business online:-


Connect with our business consultant to get your own website; normally website is the best way to get your customer’s focus on your services. Around 90% of the solutions for your day-today problems are being searched on Google & even you can get your business listed on Google by having it built by professionals like us.


Use Call2Action features on your website & offline marketing methods to get your customers know easily by scanning a QR Code, Clicking on link or simply dropping them into your Business Whatsapp from your website. This way you can get the customer contact & a direct interaction for future follow up & market your products.


Now is time to get the digital marketing service. Wait, but you can run Ads online on Facebook yourself. NO! Digital Marketing does not mean just running paid Ads on social media. First you will need to get your website ranked on Google’s First Page. For this our digital marketing experts can perform your websites SEO Audit i.e., Search Engine Optimization. We solve all the errors on your existing website & submit your website to get listed on Google. Now Google Bots & Crawlers will look about your services & list your website among the listings.


Blogging is the best way to get your customer’s regular visit on your website. Always add updated posts on your website’s blog & share post links on social media & other platform. Do care about the keywords & motive to get your customer’s problem solved. Again add Call2Action features in between the posts. So, if your customers like to buy products related to that posts form your website, it’s easy to connect for them.



Always try to satisfy your customer’s query, throw them some good offers along with Call-to-Action Social Media Ads & have enough confidence to keep your online business up & running! Do not just spend your hard earned money on Print & Paid Ads but, Get a expert consultancy from our experts by clicking this link: Contact Us

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