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Best marketing tips for mobile app promotions

इस आर्टिकल को अपनी भाषा में पढने के लिए, दिए आप्शन से अपनी भाषा चुनें !

Hello dear readers, Where there is will, there is a way !

The famous quote inspire top most marketers in the industry to bring out awesome creativity for pitching products and services to their targeted customers online. The main reason behind app promotion is to achieve installs but the most difficult part is to stay installed.

90% of the apps available on Google Play Store are being uninstalled right after the user's motive is satisfied because they are least necessary and has limited features to keep users focused.

Now the question arises is, what can we do to invite users regularly visit our apps on a smartphone? Simple answer is keep marketing with drop greedy offers & pop lots of paid ads.

Nowadays, Marketing has become more important in an app based startup. So following are the tips to keep your marketing strong and creative.


Try to notify users on their birthdays, anniversaries & festivals. Yes that's best way to be connected with user emotionally. We can do this from the registration details. To make this wishing more easier, you can get it automated with a web application built by our expert developers at Hackshade Technologies. Click Here to get connected with our team for the same.


Target social audience with the help of Instagram page managers. Try to partner with them for any upcoming event and ask them to mention your landing page link on their swipe up stories, dedicate a poster mentioning your app name with their page brand. You can do this with local page managers looking for exposures. Even you can drop their link visitors to a landing page & gather their emails for future email marketing tactics.


Use referral scheme to make your app spread 4 times the current conversion speed. Feed users with best offers on every 4 new registrations generated with their referral code. This is one of the evergreen methods to quickly grab users in less time.


Build a social influencer from your own office. Yes! its your boss. Ask him/her to project identity & significance on social media. Build their fan page. Because people are easily attracted towards success. Post some articles, motivational quotes & drop app brand in the posters & hashtags.


Work for social cause along with app branding. Take a T-Shirt or Cap branded with app logo and plan a event like planting trees to save environment, fitness awareness with yoga session, this kinds of campaigns actually costs very less than your current budget. Well, this will surely increase the popularity in society of team as well as the participants of campaign.

We believe this steps are very beneficial & inexpensive if you stick to it.

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