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Android APP Development

Learn to make solutions handy & be an android developer..!

Android is a software package and linux based operating system for mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. It is developed by Google and later the OHA (Open Handset Alliance). Java language is mainly used to write the android code even though other languages can be used. The goal of android project is to create a successful real-world product that improves the mobile experience for end users. There are many code names of android such as Lollipop, Kitkat, Jelly Bean, Ice cream Sandwich, Froyo, Ecliar, Donut etc which is covered in next page.

The Android operating system is completely open source. That means anybody—even Android competitors—can choose to download, install, modify, and distribute its source code for free. The result? More people have access to the power of mobile technology than ever before.

"Encouraging competition creates a stronger mobile ecosystem."

In this training programme, our android expert will make students go through the process of any APP development based on Android OS. Classes will be practical & JAVA Oriented including UI designing in XML & Backend coding in so called Android JAVA Platform.

Available opportunities:-

  1. Jobs in Private MNCs
  2. Apps for Government Agencies
  3. Android App Trainer
  4. Independent App developer

Complete Course(45 Days Course)

Course Fee : 7500 INR

Course Details :-

  • Chapter : 1
  • Introduction to Android OS
  • Process of Android Development
  • Introduction to JAVA
  • Installing JAVA
  • Installing Android Studio & SDK
  • Android Studio Enviroment
  • Chapter : 2
  • Basic of UI designing
  • Introduction to layouts
  • Linear Layout
  • Relative Layout
  • TextView, EditText & Button
  • ImageView, Radio & Weightsum
  • Chapter : 3
  • Splash Screen
  • OnClickListener with Intent
  • Basic Calculator App
  • Intent with Values
  • Adapter with ListView
  • Adapter with Spinner
  • Chapter : 4
  • Adapter with CustomList
  • Digital & Analog Clock
  • Date & Time Picker
  • Custom XML Shape Design
  • Action Bar Design
  • Toast & App Icon Setup

  • Chapter : 5
  • Notification
  • Background Services
  • Logging in SQL Lite
  • Manifest
  • Slider Activity
  • Rating & seekbar widget

  • Chapter : 6
  • Hiding App Icon
  • Sending & Recieving SMS
  • Google Maps
  • HTTP Client
  • GPS Location App
  • Publishing APP in Playstore


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